QUIC is an IETF Working Group that is chartered to deliver the next transport protocol for the Internet.

See our contribution guidelines if you want to work with us.

Upcoming Meetings

October 22, 2020 interim meeting focused on requirements for multipath support for QUIC

Our Documents

Our current documents cover different aspects of the ‘core’ QUIC protocol, define a mapping of HTTP semantics to it, and cover selected other topics.

Implementing QUIC

We have a number of experimental implementations in progress. The current goal for interop testing is the 19th Implementation Target.

Implementers should join the quicdev Slack to coordinate testing; contact the WG chairs for an invitation. Note that discussions on Slack are considered IETF contributions under “Note Well”.

Automated, continous interop testing is performed for participating QUIC implementations. Implementers are encouraged to join this effort by making compatible Docker images of their implementations available.

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